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Private label HOCl products

Create your own brand of hand sanitiser and surface disinfectant with Watter BV


We can help you with the product, packaging and legislation. All you need to do is brand it, sell it and ship it.

Watter BV in The Netherlands supplies a lot of companies with a stable hypochlorous acid at a fair price. Start now and create your own brand of highly effective hand sanitisers and/or surface disinfectants.

Watter BV is registered on the Article 95 list as an supplier and original producer of HOCl.

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Our mission is to enable effective disinfection without the use of harmful chemicals

 To achieve our mission, our team includes scientists and technologists. This allows us to guarantee the highest quality of our products and service. Each customer is guided personally and all findings are substantiated scientifically.

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Call us during office hours on tel. +31 (0)592 715 300  or leave a message via the contact form.

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