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What are the benefits of the alcohol-free
Watter® Hand Sanitiser?

Learn how you can protect yourself from infectious diseases without the use of harmful chemicals.

Watter® Disinfecting Products have several advantages over traditional hand sanitisers. Here are some of the most important points:

1. Gentle on the skin.

Because Watter® Hand Sanitiser does not contain skin-irritating ingredients such as alcohol, our products do not dehydrate the skin and also do not sting wounds.

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Did you know?

Alcohol-based disinfectants cause a burning sensation when applied on the wounds and even small cuts because ethanol, isopropyl, and rubbing alcohol cause skin cells to put out the same neurochemical signals they put out when exposed to heat.

Source: Flickr by Laurence Facun

The gentleness of Watter® products assures people that their skin will not be affected negatively in the long term. Especially people with sensitive or frail skin profit from the skin friendliness of Watter® Hand Sanitiser.

2. Not a CMR substance.

CMR stands for carcinogenic, mutagenic and reprotoxic. An example of a CMR substance is ethanol, which occurs in some disinfectants.

Unlike alcohol-based disinfectants, Watter® Hand Sanitiser is completely CMR-free. This means that using our products reduces the use of hazardous chemicals, and for example, in the workplace, it benefits the health of employees in the long term.

Hear What Our Customers Say


Watter's disinfection solutions are a great development for achieving hygiene without exposure to harmful ingredients. Especially now disinfectants will be used more often, we need to stimulate the use of gentle and reliable products such as Watter's.

prof. dr. Debbie Jaarsma,

Professor Research and Innovation in Medical Education at University Medical Center Groningen

3. Non-flammable.

Traditional hand sanitisers contain high percentages of alcohols such as ethanol or isopropanol, which are highly flammable. Storage of these flammable products requires extra safety measures. Watter® Disinfecting Products are non-flammable, and thus, do not pose a threat of fire or explosion. Moreover, as our products are non-flammable, there are no additional safety measures necessary to combat the hazard that storage and usage of flammable sanitisers, such as alcohol, require.

4. Hypoallergenic.

Watter® Products do not contain perfumes, aldehydes, parabens and dyes. That makes Watter® Hand Sanitiser perfect for sensitive skin because it does not cause any allergic reactions. Especially people with sensitive or frail skin profit from the lack of alcohol and any other carcinogenic ingredient.

5. No toxic vapours.

Watter® Products do not produce any toxic vapours. This makes them suitable for the use especially in the places where the children are present such as kindergartens and schools. Also, the lack of CMR substances in Watter® Products means that there will be no lingering, toxic vapours after use. 

Moreover, disinfecting large surfaces with Watter® Products does not expose the user to hazardous substances which could be irritating to the eyes and lungs, or even dangerous for our health.

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Interested in responsible disinfection?

Watter® Hand Sanitiser and Watter® Surface Disinfectant do not contain alcohol, perfume, aldehydes, parabens, dyes or any substance identified as carcinogenic. Our products are hypo-allergenic, non-irritating to the skin, eyes or lungs, and do not produce any toxic vapour.


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