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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where can I order Watter disinfection products (online)?

There are several distributors of Watter products throughout Europe. Get in touch with us and we will find a distributor near you.

2. What is the disinfectant made of?

The Watter Disinfection products are the result of electrolysis of a salt solution. This means it mainly consists of water (>99%). The other constituents are (unreacted) salt and Active Chlorine. Find out more about this technology here.

3. How can this sanitizer work without alcohol?

In addition to alcohol, there are a variety of active substances available that have disinfecting properties. The Active Chlorine in our products consists of hypochlorous acid; a substance our own bodies produce. Hypochlorous acid is an extensively studied active substance, and its germ killing properties are well known and scientifically proven.

4. Are there any precautions for Watter products?

The Watter products are not-flammable, do not produce toxic vapours and are free of alcohol, aldehydes, parabens, perfume and dyes. Additionally, Watter contains no carcinogenic, mutagenic ingredients.

5. Are the disinfectants tested?

All Watter Products have been tested according to EN-test requirements, and are in compliance with the legislation and requirements laid down by the European Chemicals Agency.

6.  How do I use the hand sanitiser?

Watter Hand Sanitiser can be applied directly to the skin. There is no need to wash away the product after use, because there are no health concerns related to ingestion, evaporation or even after contact with cuts and wounds. It is important to wash hands before use: dirt and grease may lower the effectiveness.

7. How do I apply the surface disinfectant?

Watter Surface disinfectant can be sprayed or poured on the surface to disinfect. For optimal effectiveness, make sure the contact time is 15 minutes. Make sure the surface is cleaned beforehand, as dirt and grease may lower the effectiveness.

8. On what surfaces can Watter surface disinfectant be used?

Watter Surface disinfectant can be used on lots of surfaces, such as wood, glass, stainless steel, etc. Be careful around materials that are susceptible to corrosion. As the product does not produce toxic vapours and is not harmful to ingest, it is ideal to disinfect toys and other objects kids may use.

9. Is the hand sanitizer suitable to use for sensitive skin?

Watter Hand Sanitiser is perfect for people with skin sensitivities, such as eczema, because it is very gentle, does not irritate wounds and contains no alcohol. Additionally, people who need to disinfect their hands often, also experience that Watter Hand Sanitiser does not dry out their hands as alcohol-based sanitisers do.

10. Can the hand sanitiser be used by children?

Watter Hand Sanitiser can be safely used by children. We do recommend adults to supervise children using Watter Hand Sanitiser.

11. How do these products differ from traditional alcohol sanitisers?

Contrary to alcohol, Watter disinfection solutions are not volatile and flammable and contain an active substance that our own bodies also produce to combat germs.

12. How do I store Watter disinfectants?

Our products are best stored in a cool dark place, in its original container and away from children.

13. Are Watter disinfectants vegan?

Yes. Watter products have never been tested on animals and we never plan to do so. In addition, Watter products break down rapidly when in contact with organic materials and thus will not affect the environment when spilled.

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