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Sensitive skin and eczema


After many weeks of social distancing and home isolation, we are  slowly returning back to normal. Therefore, disinfection has never been more crucial. Especially, people who often come in contact with other people, have a high need for washing hands and using hand sanitiser . These people often experience that their skin reacts badly to the use of highly concentrated chemicals. Other people, such as those with sensitive skin, experience these symptoms already with regular use.

Taxi drivers, security staff, medical professionals, teachers and cashiers are among the professions that are at high risk during this corona pandemic. Unfortunately, not everyone reacts well to strong alcohol-based disinfectants. People with sensitive skin often suffer from dry, red, inflamed and cracked skin. The skin can become itchy especially if hand sanitisers are applied regularly.

Another group that suffers when using hand sanitisers are people with eczema. Eczema is a skin condition also called atopic dermatitis. Considering that 31.6 percent of people suffer from different stages and types of eczema: this caused a lot of problems during the corona crisis (1). Cracks in the skin can also cause infections that can be very painful.

In order to help people with sensitive skin or eczema, Watter developed Watter Hand Sanitiser. Our Hand Sanitiser is gentle on the skin. This is achieved by using reliable ingredients. In our development process we paid special attention to leave out harmful and irritating chemicals such as alcohol, parabens, chlorine dioxide as well as perfumes and dyes. Without these substances, our Hand Sanitiser is suitable for sensitive skin. Dry hands and stinging caused by alcohol are therefore a problem of the past.

(1) based on MedicalNewsToday


Interested in responsible disinfection?

Watter® Hand Sanitiser and Watter® Surface Disinfectant do not contain alcohol, perfume, aldehydes, parabens, dyes or any substance identified as carcinogenic. Our products are hypo-allergenic, non-irritating to the skin, eyes or lungs, and do not produce any toxic vapour.

Or read about the safety benefits of alcohol-free products.

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