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Want to know more about responsible disinfection?

At Watter®, we find it very important to share our knowledge on the responsible use of disinfection products. Read all our blog posts below to learn more on all sorts of topics, such as:

  • Hazards of alcohol-based sanitisers;

  • Responsible use of disinfection products with children;

  • Disinfection for sensitive skin

and many more...

alcohol disinfectant.png
Say NO to alcohol-based disinfectants!
Discover why you should avoid alcohol-based hand sanitisers and surface disinfectants.
Sensitive skin and eczema
Discover what causes the skin problems and what is Watter's solution to that.
Watter Hand Sanitiser.png
What are the benefits of the alcohol-free Watter® Hand Sanitiser?
Learn how you can protect yourself from infectious diseases without the use of harmful chemicals.
Sustainable disinfection with hypochlorous acid (HClO)
Discover what hypochlorous acid is, where it can be applied and how it is produced.
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